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HM Prison Birmingham
Brook House Removal Centre
updated Statement regarding Brook House

immigration removal centre (irc)

Read the full statement
Prisoner with his child at HM Prison Parc
"Cutting-Edge" approach

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Family intervention at HM Prison Parc

Latest news

14579 British innovations keeping people safe

G4S secures Scottish Government national Electronic Monitoring contract extension

G4S has secured a two-year extension from the Scottish Government to its existing national Electronic Monitoring contract
Oakhill secure training centre

Richard Stedman appointed as Director of Oakhill Secure Training Centre

Richard Stedman has been appointed as Director of G4S-managed Oakhill Secure Training Centre (STC) and he will start his new role on 1 April 2018
HM Prison Birmingham

Rob Kellett appointed Director of HM Prison Birmingham

Rob Kellett joins Birmingham from Interserve Plc where he was Managing Director of Interserve Healthcare
G4S security guard

G4S selected to secure the Department for Work and Pensions estate

G4S Secure Solutions has won a technology-enabled contract to secure the Department for Work and Pensions’ (DWP) estate of over 700 properties in England, Wales and Scotland

Inspectors find G4S patient transport staff to be ‘caring and respectful’

The Care Quality Commission (CQC), has today published an inspection report on G4S's non-emergency patient transport services
Inspectors report youth offender effectiveness good

G4S announces action plan and interim director appointment for Oakhill STC

Read our action plan for Oakhill Secure Training Centre (STC) following an inspection report, published today
Prison, My parents and me

Significant fall in violence and use of synthetic drugs at Fazakerley prison say monitors 

Read our response to a report published by independent monitors at G4S-managed HM Prison Altcourse in Liverpool  
Birmingham prison

West Midlands prison staff dedicated to supporting society’s “most difficult and disturbed individuals” 

A report by independent monitors into G4S-managed HM Prison Birmingham, published today says they continue to be impressed by the dedicated professionals at the prison who support some of society’s “most difficult and disturbed individuals”
HM Prison Birmingham

Revolutionising rehabilitation at HM Prison Birmingham

Working in partnership with the Institute of Ideas, G4S hosted its pioneering prison debating initiative, Debating Matters Beyond Bars, for the second year running at HM Prison Birmingham
Debating matters beyond bars

Prisoners to debate privacy in the digital age at the grand final of the UK’s toughest debating competition

Two teams of prisoners have made it to the grand final of the UK’s toughest debating competition at HM Prison Birmingham. To decide the winner, a panel of star-judges will hear arguments for and against the expectation of privacy in a digital age
Brook House

Update regarding Brook House Immigration Removal Centre (IRC)

Nine G4S employees remain suspended following the broadcast of BBC Panorama’s programme this evening.
Brook House

Statement regarding Brook House Immigration Removal Centre

G4S Custodial & Detention Services (UK) has been made aware of allegations regarding the conduct of a number of staff at Brook House Immigration Removal Centre (IRC)
Debating Matters

G4S - Judges take their seats for UK's toughest debating competition behind bars

The first round of debates for the UK's toughest debating competition at HM Prison Birmingham get underway, with a panel of star judges to determine which teams will make the final 
Independent monitors Warwickshire prison remains settled

Warwickshire prison “settled” say independent monitors

Independent monitors have said in a report published today that G4S-managed HM Prison Rye Hill near Rugby is "settled" and continues to make progress
Debating matters beyond bars

Thinking beyond bars

Adam Rawcliffe, Director of External Affairs at the Institute of Ideas, explains why the Debating Matters Beyond Bars programme is making a real difference to prisoners’ lives at HM Prison Birmingham
Continued progress at Staffordshire prison say monitors

Independent monitors report on Wolverhampton prison

Independent monitors have said in a report published this week that G4S-managed HM Prison Oakwood near Wolverhampton in Staffordshire continues to make progress
Prisoner with his child at HM Prison Parc

"Cutting-edge" approach to tackling re-offending at South Wales prison

G4S-managed HM Prison Parc has been praised in a report published today for it's "cutting-edge" approach to engaging with prisoners and their families 
Debatting matters beyond bars

G4S - UK's toughest debating competition goes behind bars

This week, the UK's toughest debating competition, Debating Matters will this week go behind bars to train prisoners at HM Prison Birmingham
Parc Prison Mural

South Wales prison “well-managed” say independent monitors

A report by independent monitors at a G4S-managed prison near Bridgend in South Wales published today says that the facility is well-managed, the safety of prisoners is paramount and the provision of purposeful activity is good

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