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TGI Friday's serve up CASH360

TGI Friday's serve up CASH360

A visit to a T.G.I Friday’s® restaurant is all about enjoying a memorable experience.  Fun interiors, great food and drink, and outstanding service and entertainment from smiling team members combine to create a more than just ‘eating out’ sensation. In a highly competitive environment Friday’s® has set themselves apart by creating an experience where guests leave their troubles at the door to enjoy some Friday’s® magic.


With this in mind, G4S listened to the Friday’s® team, understood their needs and produced a business solution to help them leave their troubles at the door too. No easy task, but a little G4S magic in the shape of the world-leading CASH360 cash management solution is now helping Friday’s®  to cut the cost of using cash and minimise losses, increase margins, improve management information, and enhance security.  Achieving all of this gives the Friday’s® team more time to do what they do best.


The idea of a more efficient cash management process took seed when David Carroll, Director of Business Development for T.G.I. Friday’s® in the UK, was visiting his US counterparts.  A number of restaurants had taken steps to streamline their cash processes, but this involved installing bulky cash management equipment in their back offices and dealing with multiple equipment suppliers and cash management services, resulting in more not less complexity for restaurant managers.


On his return to the UK, David began his search for a better solution and met the experts at G4S to explore the efficiencies they could deliver to Friday’s®. The result has been a solution that provides his business with process efficiencies which support and enhance the Friday’s® customer-first culture.


In delivering CASH360, G4S drew on its expertise in logistics, technology solutions and secure cash management.  This passionate understanding of the cash cycle from end-to-end is what enables us to provide customers with significant improvements in accuracy, security and productivity.


David explains:

“We are constantly looking for ways to help front of house team focus their efforts on delivering a quality customer experience, and CASH360 presented us with an opportunity to do just that.  Time saved on cash management processes, supplier relations and internal reporting means more time front of house for the whole team – something that’s at the heart of our business.”


The solution chosen by T.G.I. Friday’s® was the CASH360T, a till based cash management solution that enables their team members to deposit notes and receive a validated deposit receipt throughout their shift. 


It was the rebuild of Friday’s® first UK restaurant in Edgbaston that presented David with a great opportunity to trial new ideas for the business including CASH360. Positive early results prompted a rapid expansion of the programme, and today 34 of their 50 restaurants in the UK have installed CASH360. 


At T.G.I. Friday’s® every restaurant manager stays front of house until the last guest leaves.  Only at this point do they turn their attention to the matter of validating the day’s takings. “Often you would find a manager remaining on site till late, completing administrative duties” says David.  “Soon after we began the installation of CASH360 into the business, we saw dramatic time savings for our restaurant managers; Not only were they able to spend more time front of house supporting their teams, the process of accounting for and reporting on the day’s takings was suddenly far more straight forward.”


The flexibility of CASH360 to adapt to multiple operating models is fundamental to delivering T.G.I. Friday’s® with a solution truly tailored to suite their needs. G4S Director of CASH360 Development, Alistair Fowler-Marson explains:” key to the success of this project has been the high level of constructive dialogue between G4S and T.G.I. Friday’s® throughout. This has been a true joint initiative, with both parties fully invested in making the solution work for this unique restaurant environment.”


“We are always looking for ways to enhance the customer experience” says David, “so the real measurement of success for us was whether this solution could support in delivering a quality customer experience. CASH360 has freed up one hour per day for every restaurant manager in the UK with the solution installed. That’s one more hour to spend with our customers and serving teams front of house.


“Waiting teams also benefit from the ability to provide a validated deposit slip which will give management an accurate account of their takings at the end of the day.”


Having delivered a positive business case while still supporting the business need to drive improvements, the next step at Friday’s® is to consider increasing the deployment of CASH360 throughout their UK estate of restaurants.


The success of the UK’s restaurant sector lies in its ability to meet changing market demands, and Friday’s® believe in setting themselves high standards to live up to.  At G4S, we believe that the market changes driven by recent economic pressures present UK businesses with an opportunity to take a fresh look at ways to differentiate themselves from the competition.  T.G.I. Friday’s® is constantly looking for ways to attract and retain custom through enhancing the customer experience, something that G4S is equally committed to providing for its own customers.


Working with Friday’s® developing and delivering this winning business solution, has been a memorable and enjoyable experience for the G4S team. Visiting Friday’s® restaurants, the G4S team where struck by the symbolism of the rowing skulls which are to be found in every Friday’s® restaurant – they are there as a reminder of the value of team-work and the importance of pulling together. That’s what G4S believes is the secret to delivering great business solutions like CASH360 too.


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