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The efficient and effective operation of frontline policing services is critical to the safety and security of society.

The police are experiencing enormous additional strain on their already stretched resources: globalisation of the criminal environment; the increased sophistication and complexity of crimes; the growing administrational burden from new legislation; as well as the pressures on police budgets and the public sector purse brought about by global economic conditions.

G4S believes the private sector can bring extensive benefits in support of the public sector through; better value for money; improved service levels; national surge capacity; effective management; as well as providing specialist knowledge and expertise as and when it is required. We understand the challenges and pressures facing those working in the police sector and our services are tailored to meet their requirements, freeing up scarce resources and allowing them to do more for less, for the communities they serve.

In support of these principles we provide a wide range of services to support police services across the UK:

Policing Support Services - Supplying Police Forces across the United Kingdom with a range of services covering both operational and organisational support functions including facilities management and we consider ourselves the market leader in the supply of quality, cost effective and transformational police custodial services. G4S has been managing custody suites since 2003 and currently services 30 custody suites and 500 cells. We designed and created the Street to SuiteTM detained person transport solution to free up police officers and allow them to remain on the street as a visible presence.

Policing Solutions national database has more than 30,000 registered former officers and police staff providing policing consultancy and staffing solutions to UK police forces, local authorities and other public sector organisations. G4S Policing Solutions can supply both permanent and temporary staff at short notice to bridge skills gaps, meet increases in demand and boost performance.

Forensic and Medical Services is the leading provider of medical and forensic services for police services and Primary Care Trusts (PCTs) in the UK. We have a comprehensive spread of forensic medical experience and have pioneered the full introduction of doctors, nurses, and paramedics to create truly multidisciplinary medical teams to support police at all levels

G4S Information Security and Assurance (ISA) provides the highest standard, secure courier and disposal services. G4S ISA provides a secure solution for organisations requiring the assurance that media or equipment, which carries sensitive information, will be couriered or destroyed in accordance with the highest possible security standards. G4S is the only commercial organisation to have received Government accreditation and approval to courier and to carry out complete disposal services for the most highly classified material.

G4S has spent many years working in support of police forces across the UK and we have developed a unique and in depth private sector understanding of the broader criminal justice system and the vital role that the police play in the protection of society and bringing offenders to justice. Please feel free to contact us so that we can utilise our experience and expertise to help you realise the benefits that a true strategic partnership can deliver.

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