Custodial and detention services

We successfully manage and care for the offender population, and prepare them for their future in society

We pioneered the concept of contracting out the management of prisons to the private sector to bring additional value, expertise and ideas to HM Prison Service.

Training of prisoners plays a vital role and the prime objective is to stop re-offending by teaching them skills that will help their reintegration into society.  We provide an environment that emulates in all aspects the conditions, practices and standards offered as well as those expected by industrial employers.  We give prisoners real work experience and instill the ethics required in business.

We provide opportunities for prisoners to gain national vocational qualifications and these demonstrate to potential employers the commitment needed by offenders to find work. We support the UK Government's ambition to make prisons places of purposeful activity, and have pioneered the concept of the 'working prison' where prisoners work a 40 hour week.

Find out how we are working to encourage more businesses to get involved with our 'Working Prisons' concept at the 'Working Prisons: Working People' pages.

HMP Altcourse in Liverpool was the first private finance initiative (PFI) prison to be awarded to the private sector.  It is a category ‘B’ prison that holds 1288 young offenders and adult males sentenced and remanded.

HMP Birmingham, Winson Green, is a category 'B' local prison located near the centre of Birmingham. The prison holds 1450 remanded and sentenced adult males. A majority of the prison is Victorian, built in 1849 but in 2003 underwent a major investment programme to extend and modernise the facilities. HMP Birmingham is the first public sector prison to be privatised.

HMP Oakwood became operational in April 2012. When it reaches capacity it will be one of the largest prisons in England and Wales, providing places for up to 1,605 Category C male prisoners. It is located next to the existing HMP Featherstone and HMP Brinsford near Wolverhampton. The prison is expected to be at full capacity by autumn 2012.  

HMP & YOI Parc in Bridgend, South Wales was the first private prison to open its doors under the Governments PFI project.  Is a category ‘B’ local prison. The prison holds 1474 sentenced and remanded adults and young offenders (18-21).  In addition, there is a separate Young Persons Unit that can accommodate 64 young people (15-18).

HMP Rye Hill near Rugby, is a category ‘B’ training prison that holds 660 sentenced males adults, which includes a separate purpose designed unit for 150 vulnerable prisoners which has its own regime and facilities. 



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