Electronic monitoring

In the last decade, electronic monitoring has become an increasingly important element of modern criminal justice

G4S is the world’s leading provider of electronic monitoring services, monitoring tens of thousands of subjects globally every day.

Electronically monitored curfew orders have been used throughout the criminal justice system in the UK since the late 1990s as a community service condition, as a condition of release from prison, or in conjunction with bail imposed by the court.

A person (subject) under curfew must stay at home (or another specified place) during certain hours. A subject is fitted with an electronic tag and a Home Monitoring Unit is placed in their home to check they are keeping to their curfew hours.

G4S is a leader in the electronic monitoring market worldwide, both in terms of the technology and delivery of electronic monitoring services.

In the UK, G4S provides electronic monitoring services in both Scotland and Northern Ireland

Electronic monitoring services are subject to rigorous inspection and accountability in the UK. Please click here for a list of relevant reports, academic studies and G4S submissions relating to electronic monitoring.

In addition to the UK, G4S provides electronic monitoring services and technology internationally, including major contracts in the Netherlands, France, Australia and New Zealand. 

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