Cash360 is a range of solutions that will revolutionise your cash management

Paying by cash is still by far the most popular way for consumers to buy goods, wherever you go in the world. Whilst this method of payment is more cost efficient than electronic transactions, the average retailer can still spend up to 1.7% of their turnover managing their cash processes. 

In an economy where profit margins are growing ever tighter, the opportunity to reduce costs and increase security has never been more welcome. All takings above standard float levels are instantly secured at till point, keeping cash exposure to a minimum. Each device provides an electronic audit trail, enabling customers to see their cash balance on-site in real time.

The CASH360 components:

  • Till based
  • Cash office based
  • Analysis and monitoring

The business benefits include:

  • Lower costs by streamlining procedures
  • Improved cash cycle
  • Improved management information
  • Increased security and reduced losses

Find out more by checking out our user guide video clips below:-

Cash360 - Cash Office Solution - Deposit

Cash360 - Note Acceptor - Lincsafe

Cash360 - Note Acceptor - SCD BNF

Cash360 - Note Acceptor - SCD SNF

Cash360 - Note Acceptor - TSDI




Case Studies


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