Securing Your World

From till to bank account

Whatever the size, scope and sector of your organisation, we can help you with as little or as much management as you need, at every stage of the cash process

Cash flow diagram


Receiving payment from your customers is the first step in the cash process. Of course, you can count payments yourself and simply ask us to collect. But it's worth knowing about our ties with integrated till and safe providers. We have devices to suit all store sizes and needs, with Point of Sales integration for more convenience and control. So whatever method you choose, we'll be able to support you every step of the way.

Safe        Validate and secure

We can safeguard cash and valuables held on your premises from all types of threat - fraud, attack, reconciliation issues. From validating money at till point to a G4S back office safe, let us handle your cash - and your worries about it. Choose our safe solutions and for a set monthly fee you get a high-quality safe installed by us, looked after by us. We can even offer liability for the cash holdings.

VAN     Collect

Our armoured cars pick up cash from anywhere in the UK, with schedules that suit you. There's less disruption; it's faster and safer than going to the bank yourself; and by giving you back your time, it makes financial sense too. We can add to your peace of mind with a free risk assessment of your business as well.

Valuables     Deliver or recycle

Order cash when you need it in your chosen denominations. We can make up large sums from our secure vaults, so your funds don't come out of your bank account until the day of delivery and you can reduce coin deliveries with our recycling devices.

Processing        Process

Our state-of-the-art cash centre network is the UK's most efficient, processing a third of the nation's total cash spend for the big high-street banks. They choose our processing systems because they're completely secure, properly managed and governed by the Bank of England's regulatory framework, the Note Circulation Scheme.

pOUND         Credit

Our efficient end-to-end process keeps your cash flowing, to get your money credited to your bank fast. Once we've processed your cash it's credited to your account the next working day.







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