Securing Your World

Keeping your valuable items secure

If it's vital to your business it's safe with us


Every business has assets too important to be lost or damaged. At G4S, They're in the safest possible hands.

Our secure storage facilities protect valuable items like customer files, contracts, deeds, plans and IT data for businesses of all sizes. Meanwhile our dedicated team is always on hand to retrieve and transport your assets quickly and securely, with peace of mind.

What's in it for you?

Managing Security Risks            Safer storage

Store your assets with us and you won't just be free from the responsibility, risk and worry of holding them onsite. You're also safe in the knowledge that they're protected by experts in our state of the art secure facility and fully insured as well.

VAN           A faster, more flexible service

It couldn't be easier to retrieve or return an item. Just email your request and our support team will take care of it. Our intelligent inventory system knows the precise whereabouts of your assets at all times for quicker, more efficient retrieval.

PURSE              Save money

Not having to worry about secure storage onsite can cut your operating costs - particularly when you can use the space you save for more useful and profitable means.

CLOCK1              Save time

With G4S storing your items, you virtually eliminate the resources you'd otherwise dedicate to the job. so your employees are free to spend time on tasks far more productive than tracking, retrieval and inventory management.


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