Canine Security Services

G4S Canine Security Services teams pride themselves on proven aptitude and above all effectively managing and applying their dogs in the most testing situations.

G4S are able to provide:

  • General Purpose (GP) Patrol Dogs 
  • Narcotics Detection Dogs
  • Explosive Detection Dogs
  • Dog and handler training 

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We operate in a number of different sectors: 

 Stadium Borders  Business  Custody 
 Events and Venues  Transport & Borders Business & Employees Custody & Immigration

Protecting your business

Our extensive operational capability allows our canine teams are part of a much larger business, with experience in delivering a range of security solutions, therefore canine services would be a small but essential part of your overall security strategy. 

G4S trains and deploys dog/handler teams to meet your business requirements, whether that’s protecting a handler from intruders, guarding premises, searching persons entering your building, or examining your high-risk areas for hidden explosives.Dogs are run through rigorous training regimes to ensure they always meet the highest standards for these mission critical tasks. We provide dogs/handlers to protect your business and employees, events and venues, transport and borders, custody, immigration and cargo searching as well as professional services. 

One of our committed general purpose patrol dog/handler teams can provide greater flexibility than two uniformed security officers, has a greater ability to detect trespassers, is a proven deterrent and protective measure, and is a cost-effective resource.

  Canine units are mainly used for:
  • Search, protection, attack and the detection of drugs, weapons, cash and explosives.
  • An effective solution to produce a cheaper,  efficient and quicker result for any business.
  • Officers are available with welfare transportation, enabling them to work in remote and temporary areas.


  • 1 dog can replace 6 guards
  • 1 dog takes 20 seconds to sweep a car where as  2 people take 4 minutes
  • 1 dog takes on average under  5 seconds to search 1 person

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