Enhanced Security Services

G4S Enhanced Security Services, managed by former British Army officers with many years of practical operational experience, offers an enhanced, strategic security solution

Our professional, ex-military team, provide a high quality and bespoke security solution for customers with higher risk or unique security requirements. We select, train and deploy skilled and experienced personnel, often at short notice. Our security officers guard a wide range of high-end and critical locations, including power stations, communications/technology hubs and sites deemed to be Critical National Infrastructure. Our enhanced security offering is comprised of security services trained above the standard SIA license.

Services we provide include:

  • Enhanced Security Officer
  • Security and Safety Officers
  • Close Protection
  • Ghurka services (ex-special forces)
  • Casualty simulation service
  • Metal theft protection

We will provide a consultancy service, to work with you to determine your security needs and deliver a solution to meet them.  Our military-trained experts offer risk consultancy, covert assurance, training exercises, penetration testing and the specialist manpower to deliver a thorough operational solution tailored to your specific needs.

G4S Enhanced Services excel in:

  • Protest management and securing high risk environments
  • Guarding commercial facilities and those businesses for whom the highest level of security is a critical part of their business continuity
  • Security protection for diplomatic residences
  • Personal security for High-Net-Worth individuals and their property
  • Enhanced security and manpower for short-notice events and incidents which require a fast response
  • Metal theft prevention for the rail and energy networks
  • Training support and security for the Ministry of Defence which includes the pre-deployment training for the British Army's operational requirements, as well as manned guarding of military facilities
  • Casualty simulation services

Ghurka services (ex-special forces)

Managed by bi-lingual former Army officers, G4S is the largest employer of former British Army Gurkhas in the UK. Our philosophy is based on the Gurkha ethos of professionalism, discipline and honour. Come rain or shine, we offer peace of mind that your assets are safe, with an industry-leading record of attendance to ensure continuity of service.

Working with a military strategy in mind, we will select, train and deploy a cohesive workforce at the shortest notice to protect your critical assets.

Casualty simulation service

Our casualty simulation service launched in October 2010 provides customers with realistic and credible casualty simulation scenarios, which help to prepare a range of workers including armed forces personnel and emergency services staff for casualty situations they may experience within their roles. We have a proven commitment to delivering a consistent, reliable and professional service to deliver the highest quality. To achieve this, we use specialist simulation make-up artists and prosthetics, simulated training packages and casualty and amputee actors.

Metal theft protection

Metal theft is regarded as ‘the second largest threat to UK infrastructure after terrorism’*. Incidents can result in costs for repairing damaged assets, lost customer minutes and even regulatory fines resulting from a failure to deliver a service. Theft also negatively impacts reputation and cause damage to the environment (e.g. fire risks or leaking oil, which can disperse into the water table after the metal is removed from the site).

Furthermore, there is also the risk of death or injury to the public, an employee or a thief who can enter a substation, unaware of the dangers. G4S now offers metal theft prevention services. We will work with you to analyse incident trends in your area, identify your high risk sites and gather additional information using overt or covert operations, as required.


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