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Meter Reader

On one day I can visit a variety of jobs, from the normal domestic properties, to rural farms, Schools, churches and all sorts of large industrial premises and shopping centres. I also read all types of meters from domestic gas, electric & water meters to very large complex electric meters & Industrial gas meters. Wherever there Is a meter I try to get to it, we even read some on mobile phone masts on the side of mountains!

G4S provided me with an ID card, a full uniform, a vehicle and any equipment I need to do my job, including any Health & Safety equipment. For my role I use the most up to date Hand Held Computer, and we are given full technical support via our company Helpdesk. We read meters for a large number of customers from the large utilities to smaller independent companies. The HHC tells me who I am reading the meter for, so I can tell the consumer.

We have a dedicated Training Team who provide full training for any new members of staff and also for any new work our company receives. I am part of this team on my patch and I find it very interesting when new work comes along that is a little different to the norm. The company provide any refresher training for our established staff on a regular basis. For example, they recently gave everyone refresher Health & Safety training at our team briefings (which are held on if regular basis).

The Training Team and our Management Team, also provide any on site support that we aft need from time to time. We do have performance targets to achieve which are set by our customers. I have to visit a set number of jobs each week and achieve the required access rate. The access rates can be demanding but generally are achievable if I work sensible hours. An average week consists of 37 hours but I have to be flexible as I need to visit customers' properties when I know they are at home and this could be up to 8pm at night or on a Saturday.

There is a bonus scheme based upon the meters I actually read and there is no limit on what I can earn. Sometimes it can be hard but I always make sure I achieve my targets.

There are not many jobs where I am my own boss, meet all types of people and can set my own hours. The weather can be a problem and sometimes customers aren't always keen to rush home for the meter reader, but all in all it's actually a very enjoyable role.


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