Supporting the Ministry of Defence

G4S secures the delivery of government services and promises – at home and abroad.
G4S offers the Ministry of Defence accomplished ex-British Army Gurkha personnel as part of its military provision. We provide targeted, flexible support to free up core personnel, cut costs, and enhance training capability


G4S, in conjunction with the Ministry of Defence (MoD), designed, implemented and manages a solution to deliver the best value training support and security assistance to the military.  We provide high quality former Gurkhas and ex military personnel for demonstration troops, exercise enemy forces, and static guards at barracks and sensitive sites, both in the UK and overseas in operational theatres.

In an era of high operational tempo, military personnel are able to concentrate on core duties, safe in the knowledge that G4S has the necessary experience and expertise to progress with assigned tasks.

Our services

We offer a fully flexible training package to the MoD, using ex Gurkhas and a tailored organisational structure to enhance military training.  Since September 2007, more than 150 SIA licensed G4S Gurkhas have capably assisted the MoD in providing training support with the Operational Training Advisory Group (OPTAG) to Pre-Deployment Training for all British Army units heading to Iraq and Afghanistan.

In September 2008, this service was extended to the Royal Navy. This unique capability is made possible through our careful selection of the right personnel, extensive experience and structure.

Tailored military selection: The MoD benefits from exercise enemy forces and demonstration troops who have been handpicked for their military qualifications (Senior and Junior Leadership Cadres in Brecon etc.), operational experience and knowledge of the latest tactics, techniques and procedures.

Military training experience: G4S Gurkha Services provides personnel with extensive and recent operational experience. Many will have served at the Gurkha demonstration companies in Brecon and the Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst, enabling the provision of quality, high value training to the wider Army.

Replicated organisational structure: The replication of the military ethos and command structure within the G4S military support teams is recognisable to the military units we work with.

This ensures that training and other duties, such as guarding, are well organised and effectively delivered.

Operational realism: Serving military personnel benefit from the complexities of a multicultural environment. We are well suited to deliver accurate representations of an indigenous population, using foreign language capabilities to enhance training. Retained links with subject matter experts on idiosyncratic cultural issues for specific operational theatres further this augment service delivery.

A cost effective solution

With a highly experienced, military-trained workforce available, we offer a cost-effective solution that demands no commitment. When compared with using full-time military personnel for training demonstrations, the services supplied significantly reduce the capitation rate. Contracts are flexible and, once terminated, there is no costly legacy, like pensions to honour. As personnel are all ex British Army, they are not limited to UK work and can be deployed as contractors under the sponsored reserve scheme.


"In the build-up to contract award and then beyond, G4S Gurkha Services has been entirely focused on designing and delivering a service that suited our exact requirements."

Commander, Royal Navy Pre-Deployment Training Team

“Since working with G4S the training we deliver has got better. We cannot fault them. They’re proactive, want to help and the end product is as realistic as we could hope for. Better still, we gave them minimum instruction and the work carried out is to an excellent standard. We have a terrific relationship with G4S that is hugely beneficial to the Army.”

Chief Instructor, OPTAG

G4S Gurkha Services’ Pre-Deployment Training Team is proud to have been recognised as Best Team for the South East region at the 2009 BSIA Awards.


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