Working Prisons : Working People

G4S believes the prisons we run should provide rehabilitation as well as punishment

Working Prisons help provide this rehabilitation, creating people who are ready and willing to work, and providing great opportunities for business.

As a successful FTSE100 company and the second-largest commercial employer in the world, G4S understands what makes business tick. We understand what they need to succeed and grow, and our prisons provide the ideal environment for almost any type of business, from large-scale manufacturing, to highly-specialised digital media.

G4S has produced information to  businesses who might be considering getting involved with prisons. Follow this link or see the box on the right to download our guide.

Working prisons - the benefits to business 

  • All our prisons have a range of secure workspaces for businesses to utilise
  • Businesses are supported by a senior management team, business support facilities and qualified instructors
  • We have a dedicated workforce with a variety of skills which can work around business' needs with the minimum of bureaucracy
  • We already have 400 prisoners working 40 hours a week and many more working reduced hours in support functions
  • We have a variety of locations around the UK in our five prisons:  Altcourse (Liverpool), BirminghamOakwood (Wolverhampton), Parc (Bridgend) and Rye Hill (Rugby)

G4S prisons have an established and vibrant working culture from which business can benefit.

Many businesses engage with G4S for commercial reasons -by working with us we can help them to innovate and grow. However, others are also interested in the wider benefit engaging with G4S can bring, especially to the lives of those people who we are helping to rehabilitate and return to their local communities ready, able and willing to work.

"Reoffending costs society £12.5bn every year and providing prisoners with the experience and skills necessary to reintegrate into the workplace after their release is absolutely key to reducing this bill. ‘Working Prisons’ give the business community a direct stake in reducing reoffending and in the positive development of ex-offenders’ lives. The CBI therefore fully supports initiatives to encourage more businesses to look into opportunities to work inside prisons."

                                                                                            Guy Bailey, Head of Employment, CBI.

"I am determined to turn our prisons into places of hard work and reform, so that prisoners are doing something productive, instead of doing nothing. G4S is among the pioneers in this area, providing constructive hard work at the prisons they manage. Prisoners at Altcourse Prison near Liverpool do an impressive forty hours of hard work every week in a metal workshop, producing office furniture. It's a proper, profitable business.

Part of their earnings goes to fund services for victims of crime and because these prisoners have got some skills, they are less likely to return to prison. I want to see hard work flourishing in every single jail in the UK.  I believe that if we want prison to work, then our prisoners have got to be working and I call on businesses to get involved.”

                                                                                                The Rt. Hon Kenneth Clarke MP

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