Vacant Property Service

G4S can provide a range of services to keep vacant properties safe and secure
Vacant Property Services

Vacant property solutions

The number of empty commercial and residential premises across the UK & Ireland continues to rise. There are many potential risks associated with leaving premises unattended that need to be taken care of.

Having a G4S presence helps prevent fires, theft and criminal damage to properties by monitoring, visiting and maintaining your site. 

Our solutions include:

  • Vacant property clearances, graffiti removal, waste removal, abandoned vehicle collection, pest control to ensure that your property remains safe
  • Physical security measures to prevent unwanted access to your property
  • Temporary alarm installations 
  • Remote monitoring of alarm systems 
  • Response service for alarm activations or emergency call outs
  • Routine or random internal and external patrols and checks of your property 
  • Keyholding service 

Our team of customer service professionals are available 24 hours a day to monitor your premises, and can raise an alarms if alerted.

cctv tower 

Available as either a static unit, or as a fully mobile wheeled unit, it is the first rapid-deployment CCTV to use thermal cameras and has range options from 100m to 2km. Its features include:

  • Zero-light operation unaffected by rain, snow, fog, smoke and mist
  • Thermal imaging dramatically reduces false alarms from bushes, trees, objects blowing in the wind and wildlife
  • Hydraulic 9m mast
  • Two power unit options: Hydrogen Fuel Cell with 30 days of maintenance-free, zero-emission operation
  • Hybrid configuration combines mains, battery & fuel cell
  • 3TB hard drive for real-time recording up to 30 days
  • Fully-accredited VPS Remote Video Response Centre (RVRC) provides 24/7/365 operation and response 3G/4G connectivity to RVRC or optional Satellite
  • ILids certified video analytics
  • Long range network capability
CCTV Tower

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